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Friday, 31 July 2009

Thursday 30th July - A good day for the teams

Just to let you know that everyone is fine - the boys who moved have settled quickly and the so have the girls. We won both the matches yesterday after our defeats of Tuesday despite a lunchtime visit to the Cheesecake Factory for mant of them. The adults decided to have a football match (UK V USA American Tag Football). The UK were narrowly beaten by a touch down but the seriousness of the men - especially Craggie - was unbelievable, only surpassed by ALL the Americans!.

That completes the info because once again we are rushing off to another place (paintballing today but a few jobs to get done before them). It's all go on this tour. Back soon - hope you are enjoying life without them because they are certainly having a fab time and sorry everyone, they don't seem to be missing you!

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