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For all those worried parents out there- here's the solution! Each day we're hoping to update the blog site with stories, results of all the matches, photos of our young professionals and answer those all important questions you find yourself biting your nails over when we're in America.

Friday, 31 July 2009

Thursday 30th July - A good day for the teams

Just to let you know that everyone is fine - the boys who moved have settled quickly and the so have the girls. We won both the matches yesterday after our defeats of Tuesday despite a lunchtime visit to the Cheesecake Factory for mant of them. The adults decided to have a football match (UK V USA American Tag Football). The UK were narrowly beaten by a touch down but the seriousness of the men - especially Craggie - was unbelievable, only surpassed by ALL the Americans!.

That completes the info because once again we are rushing off to another place (paintballing today but a few jobs to get done before them). It's all go on this tour. Back soon - hope you are enjoying life without them because they are certainly having a fab time and sorry everyone, they don't seem to be missing you!

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Boys, boys, boys

Boys ... do you think they can sing as well? Feel free to send your vote as a comment on this blogsite!!!!!!



Just to be sure you know, you are meeting at the paintballing place at 11am tomorrow morning (31st), your hosts should know that you need a lift there. The place has been booked out just for the tour, and is open until 5pm.

Important - UK players should note that the centre does NOT provide any special clothing or padding so it is advised that you bring long trousers and if possible a long sleeved top - you can always bring shorts/skirt and T-shirts as well in case it gets too hot.

Have fun, and boys, remember to be gentle with the girls - no short range firing!!!

Bit of video fun ...

Wylo just got the bill for his new lacrosse purchases at Lax World!

The girls keeping us entertained on the trip home from DC.

I will try and load the boys singing, later tonight but off to Gettisburg now with Sarah with NO KIDS ! (We love them really).

Wednesday, 29 July 2009


Pizza party at lax world...Lizzy fancied her chances
The Natural History Museum. the lads took it very seriously

what a happy bunch

My lovely girlies

post supersize-me challenge

The McDonalds supersize challenge begins...Jack dominated...then almost vommed. It was spectacular.

The group outside the White House

Told you V.C. was tall!

ruining the memorial
Tourist time!

Outside the hall of fame where we found our tour guides picture (Coach Hillard)

the girls were all for doing impressions of the players...I think this was an old man..though I can't be sure!

Bit of education going on

More impersonating

Wylo in his element

Jess' picture update for the past couple of days-Tuesday

the latest high tech physio..as directed by Faye
The girls meet the malls and do the English proud

Olivia...THE champion shopper

There was also a bit of lacrosse in the evening- solid defending here by Cabz as usual

Faye post save! (another one)

Washington DC - Wednesday 29th July

A big day out for all the Timperley crew with an early trip to the Lacrosse Hall of Fame in Baltimore (opened specially for us) at Johns Hopkin University and visits to all the key sites in Washington (The White House, Capital Building, Washington Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Pentagon) finally ending up at the Mall which has a range of museums to chose from. After a healthy lunch at the Air and Space Museum (similar to McD's in England but supersized) we set off to Lax World where they put on a pizza party and gave us discount. Wylo bought his first stick for 20 years and we have a video of his face when they told him the final price (it's a classic). Late night really by the time every child went off to their families and our guess is that they will have a quiet night tonight while they get their heads in gear for the game tomorrow. Who'd have thought that they could sing so loudly all the way ther AND all the way back. Our driver Howie thought our guys were fantastic and couldn't praise them enough especially their camaraderie and team spirit - we couldn't agree more.

We are a bit tired now so we will add the pictures in the morning - sorry.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Shopping and lax games

Today consisted of a good relax before a lax game in the afternoon. However there was a shopping frenzy in the morning, with both boys and girls getting a bit carried away. Some of the boys went shopping with their hosts, while the girls experienced 'Sports Her Way'...including a pizza party in the shop! Meanwhile, some of the adults lunched in a superb fish restaurant downtown in Baltimore, overlooking the harbour (and were staggered by the size of the portions). Both teams played in the afternoon, the weather lovely but very hot and very very humid for lacrosse. Despite heroic efforts and great camaraderie, they were beaten today by slightly better sides. Here are a couple of shots of the boys match.

We make the NEWS.

We have made the news - if you try to look at www.carrollcountytimes.com the article is called Getting Their Fill. It's in the sports section alongside The Baltimore Ravens. How cool is that!

Monday, 27 July 2009

The birthday song

Day 5 - Alex and another large cake.

Alex cuts his cake (Michael I hope that cake got eaten - you know what I'm talking about!)

Day 5 - Pool Party

The girls were looking for the ideal guy...
.. but the boys were looking for the ideal dive (being the most ridiculously painful dive you could imagine!!!!)

Birthday Boy Alex with his HUGE cake, which he managed to eat (with a little help from the rest and CRAGGY)

Sarah and Karen brought water pistols along .... then they were sorry....

even the girls were getting shot at ...

Alex and Ciaran .. not bad having a pool party on your birthday ..

Boys taking time out ... stringing sticks ...

Georgie and Cabs soaking up the sun ...

What are they all watching ...

..... Jay doing a swallow impersonation ..

the diving groupies ...

british boys forming an orderly queue ...

to watch Greg laying down on the job ....

Coach Jess with her host, Coach Sean.

Cam fight at the OK Corral.

The white in shining armour.....

Toby, tongue in cheek...

... and yes Rob, I have substituted the exclamation marks for dots ................................