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Saturday, 1 August 2009

Small Tornado Hits Finksburg

Toby's road was on the main TV station last night after a small tornado flew down it and took the roof off a neighbours house. The children were away from the area paintballing which meant all they saw was a bit of rain. Karen and I were on a freeway coming back from 'The Cheesecake Factory' when we were forced to stop as the wind was blowing the car over and there was zero visability. Very exciting. Trees over on the road and everything.

We will be having a very full day of games today followed by the evening farewell party - probably some tears as we board the caoch tomorrow too. We will try to gather some pictures together from yesterday (some paintballing, some at Hershey Park) to let you see.
Hope all's sunny and well at home.


  1. The only thing we've not had here is a tornado - at least not at home though there were two last week elsehere in the Uk. And August has started wet and miserable too.......... Enjoy the sun while you can!

  2. You must be kidding - what sun! Have a great final couple of days! Nick and Di

  3. No sun here! Have a great final days and thanks for the pics and updates- enjoyed them all! Debbie and Nick