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Sunday, 2 August 2009

The Final Post from USA

One big final celebration (the farewell party) at one big mansion. The kids gathered in the pool, toasted marshmallows over the bonfire in the woods (part of the back yard) and drove a small gator (buggy) around the grounds.
Many tears have already been shed as the final day approaches.

Karen and her boys...with mystery hand stroking Tim.

Snap, Crackle and Pop with their Aunt Maggie

Not posed at all.

Sisters are all smiles as they have been for the entire tour. Jess worships her girls.

Faye looking really happy as she completes the 'a goal scored by every girl' challenge.

Looking tired and weary, but the girls prove themselves to be the best, as they win the tournament and get photographed later by the local press.

Timperley's youngest fan, Kalvin.

This is what your kids will expect for lunch on their return to the UK.

The coaches couldn't keep off the pitch so they took on the Americans at tag football.
Craggy goes to ground. Also, spot Jake on the left, in black (last years LDO from Timperley).

Boys beat Lutherville by one goal.

Sarah with Jim (who hosted Toby) with the A Team van.

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